Grease Trap Cleaning Pumping

Grease trap cleaning pumping is a very important service to have done frequently to your business. By law supermarkets, hospitals, school cafeteria’s, cafeteria’s and restaurants are required to have a grease trap. Grease trap cleaning pumping is when these traps get cleaned out after the trap gets filled to 25% or every 3 months. Every business has a different need to fill in this specific area so depending on which of the two come first we will gladly service you. Our grease cleaning services will establish a schedule that will focus on best accommodating your business needs so that you can have one less stress on your mind. We want you to be able to focus all of your attention to growing your business and helping out your customers while we handle your grease trap needs fast and efficiently.


Grease trap cleaning pumping helps keep maintenance of your grease trap by preventing any unwanted mess. If a grease trap is not properly maintained the grease can move out into the sewer system where it will then harden and start creating backups. This is not a situation that you would want to put your customers or staff in. If the requirements to handle your grease trap are no properly met you will be fined by local authorities for jeopardizing the sewer system and environment.


Plumbtech will gladly assist in keeping your grease trap maintained. Restaurants that use a septic system also need to be very careful with the constant care of their leach field. If the leach field is constantly take care of this will prevent clogging and further need to replace the septic. Having to replace a septic can be very disruptive to your business and  can be very costly.


Feel free to give us a call for all of your Grease trap cleaning plumbing needs!