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Sewer Camera Inspections

Plumbtech offers video Sewer Camera Inspections which assist us to locate, and record exactly what is occurring in your sewer lines without having to dig or trench. Sewer Camera Inspections are very beneficial because it find exactly what the plumbing problem is fast without making a mess of your property. Cracks and other damage can be repaired or replaced with trenchless piping which removes even more headaches. The Sewer Camera Inspections process takes about half the time than traditional trenching takes to replace underground lines, and the pipes are replaced with material that are just as strong. This is done quickly and with little or no disruption to your property.

Plumbtech offers state of the art Sewer Camera Inspections which allow us to locate and record exactly what is occurring in your sewer lines without having to dig or trench

Sewer Camera Inspection is the technological breakthrough to ensure homeowners have a very thorough search in finding the exact problem without forcing the tech to dig blindly. Plumbtech prides itself in using the latest equipment as the video line  travels underground through the branch lines  to enable the tech to pinpoint the troubled  area using a transmitter  from above the surface. A spot is then painted above the surface and with the mark established the technician will then proceed to digging the sewer trench quickly and efficiently.  Sewer  Camera Inspection is the key to a fast and effective repair without the hassle.

The equipment that is used for this project will have an impact on the results. Equipment that is not high tech may not be able to see beyond a certain distance and in other cases the equipment may also cause issues where scopes are not auto-focusing or self-righting. Plumbtech ensures its customers that the equipment we use  is high-resolution with recording capabilities. Most importantly, the cameras used have transmitters at the end which can help in solving the problem quickly.